Get product aggregate review

This method allows you to get reviews of a product by passing product Id a required parameter. The response includes the average rating, total reviews and the product details.

HTTP method: GET
Authentication: Public_key::Private_key

Curl Request :

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Public_key::Private_key' '{productId}/aggregate-review'
<> Parameters
productId | Required Integer

The id of the product whose average rating and total number of reviews is to be fetched.


  "averageRating": 5,
  "totalReviews": 7,
  "product": {
    "image": "",
    "unique_id": "9995",
    "updated_at": 1519715066202,
    "description": "Test Profile is a company which specializes in taking away the stress and worry of your big day. They cater for everyone's budget and every size wedding. From the small and family orientated of 20 people to the large and glamorous of 500. They also specialize in destination weddings.  \n\n They have years of experience and guarantee that your event will be flawless. Their dedicated team are highly organized when executing an installation. Timing and staffing is everything - specially when dealing with flowers. They offer you our experience of what works best at the various venues and sites, and they will help create the day that you dream of.. \n\n From classical and modern to a floral fantasy, or sophisticated elegance, formal, romantic or a more natural garden look, Satin and Roses will bring your vision to life.  \n\n Your wedding fantasy or magical event will become a reality \n ",
    "created_at": 1498464182931,
    "title": "Test Profile",
    "url": "",
    "id": 796
  "reviewRank": 1