Get organization data from slug

This method allows you to get organization details using the organization slug. The response includes the details of the organization along with slug, organization ID, public key, private key and the plan you have subscribed to and its status.

HTTP method: GET
Authentication: Public_key::Private_key

Curl Request :

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Public_key::Private_key' '{organizationSlug}'
<> Parameters
organizationSlug | Required String

The slug of the organization whose data is to be fetched.


  "zip": "NE17",
  "country": "US",
  "website": "",
  "unique_id": "ee8e35f7-78fd-4b89-8992-f92rtsd47634",
  "paid_status": "PAID",
  "address": "",
  "description": "",
  "domains": "[,,,]",
  "title": "Example Org",
  "updated_at": 1515057668459,
  "live_public_key": "live_pub_eyJ1aWQiOjIsInBlcm1pc3Npb78zIjpbIlSYdXN0eVdlYkFwcENsaWVudCJdLCJpYXQiOjE1MDk0MzAzMDd9",
  "live_private_key": "live_pri_vZ2DQCK_3t3KiDEWst9CouYQj94QNWGs0IKXm_DcTLg",
  "photo_url": "",
  "customer_id": "cus_C4eCOL89tln4Ko",
  "plan": "lite",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "slug": "",
  "id": 666